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HOLA CHOLA – Extranjeros con corazon de Peruanos

ABOUT Peter Schneider

Founder and President of PERU MYSTIC TOURS S.A.

Specializes in sending visitors to the Mysterious Stone Figures of Marcahuasi, as well as to shaman ceremonies, UFO sites, the Nazca Lines, Macchu Picchu, the Lord of Sipan. the Stone Carvings of Dr. Cabrera in Ica, and other imteresting and fascinating places un Peru. Currently investigating secret tunnels anda caverns of the Incas.

Television Talk Show Host

Have appeared on all eight TV stations in the city of Lima – talking and discussing UFO’s, ET’s, Time Travel, Astral Travelling, Psychometry, Reincarnation, Life after Death, Ghosts, Dreams, Psychic Operations, Weeping Virgins (statues), shamanism, witchdoctors, Psychics and other interesting topics. Recently I appeared on the Los Angeles TV program “Cara a Cara” on the Telemundo Network for a one hour interview.

Advisor to TV Stations

The talk show producers for all the TV stations in Lima are in regular contact with me to send them interesting and adventurous people to their shows. I once organized a major 2 hours show on Channel 9 “Fuego Cruzado” on Saturday night Prime Time abouth UFO’s – including photos, videos, contactees etc. On another stations I arranged ‘the first interview ever with an extraterrestrial’ on Channel 5 on the most important news and current affairs program in the country. The interview, of about 8 minutes, was broadcast by satellite around the whole of South America.

Organizer of Two Major Congresses in South America

The first International Panamerican Mystical Congress in Lima, Peru, in September 1989 and the Second Iternational Panamerican Mystical Congress in Buenos Aires in Argentina in May 1990. Both congreses featured renowned UFO expert from the USA: Dr. James Harder from San Francisco, CA, was the  Keynote Speaker. Both  congresses were most successful – and for the first time UFO ´figures from inca times´were shown on slides by Dr. Alicia Holmer (clay figures of space craft type objects made 100’s of years ago).

Host of TV and Radio Shows

Hosted for 5 years, the radio show “The Astral Voyage” on Telelestereo 88 FM in Lima a New age Music program, and during 1990 hosted “Dreams of Peace” a New Age TV Program on Channel 11.

Silva Mind Control Instructor

From 1972 onwards trained in the Silva Method, organizing courses in Switzerland, England, South America and Peru. Became and International Instructor, completing training in Laredo, Texas and taught the very first courses in Cape Town to multi-racial audiences. Later went on to learn Spanish and teach the course in that language.

Investigator of  Psychic Phenomena

Independent Investigator into Metaphyscal  Phenomena. Have formed the “Peruvian Ghostbusters” who regularly visit persons who are being hounded by spirits or having trouble  with their deceased husbands. Have solved several important cases, including murder cases using psychics.

Practicing Falth Healer

For many years have been working with seriously ill persons, including cancer patients, using powerful healing techniques. Investigated and nearly found, a herbal cure for cancer

Lived in Africa for 5 Years

Was manager of a top African Afro- Rock Band Sankomta who went on to record two albums and do two major tours of Europe. During many years one of the most popular bands of Southern Africa.

Radio Kest 1450 AM San Francisco

During one week between Christmas and New Year’s 1990, I took over “The Judith Conrad Show”- a psychic talk show where for one hour every day I did psychometry over the air – telling listeners who called inwho their spirit guides are and giving them a message from their guides. In just one week the show became very popular.

During the  same visit to California, spent one week in Beverly Hills visiting stars and telling them the future  of their babies (using psychometry). Have standing invitation.

Translating Books into Spanish

Have investigated and helped translate two major books, both by  Americans: Helen Hadsell´s ”The name it and Claim it Game” and Virginia Essene´s “New Teachings for an Awakened Huamanity”.

TV Station Manager

For two years co-managed Channel 27 in Lima – and helped put various UFO experts on the air. We once had “A whole week of talk show programs” on UFO’s – inviting every expert in the country – during the early hours we had young people  talking about phenomena – and in the evening the adults. My programs had the largest rankings ever for that station.

MARKAWASI : Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest Forward by Peter E. Schneider


Soon after arriving in Peru 23 years ago, I heard about a strange, mystical place in the Andes Mountains, where there were hundreds of stone statues. It was said that Markawasi was ancient, beyond living memory, existing before the Incas, and the pre-Incas. It was related that there were heads and faces of human beings of different races, both male and female, and animal figures unknown on this continent. There were stories of dinosaurs and strange inscriptions carved into the rock; all this on a plateau located 4,000 meters above sea level, less than 100 km from the city of Lima.

There was only one problem: nobody knew how to get there. Finally, after nearly six months of searching, I found a group of students who were willing to guide me to the plateau, and thus began the biggest adventure of my life!



“High atop a remote plateau in Central Peru, hundreds of illusive shapes can be seen in the living rock. Are they merely natural erosion, or were they carved, as some think, by the hand of man? And if so, whose hand, and for what reason?”

So begins this fascinating video of what is one of the most wonderful spots on the planet. Markawasi (also spelled Marcahuasi), located at 12,500′ in the Andes Mountains.

The statue at the right is the Monument to Humanity. Named by Daniel Ruzo for the four distict races of humanity which can be found on this 85 foot high monument. Situated at the Northern entrance to the plateau, it greets all visitors.


The man responsible for what little is known about Marcahuasi, was the late Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer. This interview was probably his last, filmed in 1991. With his wife Carola translating (both pictured left), we learn of his theories about the creation of the images in Markawasi. A forgotten race created the statues before they were destroyed by a world-wide cataclysm. A warning to us, he says.

According to the Ruzo’s, the previous humanity lived on earth in Proto-History; before our civilization. They were very advanced, able to travel world wide and left evidence of themselves in many places. (see Romanian “Sphinx”, right) This agrees with theories of the Hopi Indians suggesting we are not the first humanity to reach a degree of developmental sophistication, but probably the fourth or fifth.


This new video is a complete expansion of the original short film, “Peru’s Mystery in Stone”. It is probably the most comprephensive documentation of Markawasi that has ever been made. Our crew returned to the plateau, this time with a world-famous geologist (Dr. Robert M. Schoch The Mystery of the Sphinx) and the former head of archaeology at Machu Picchu (Dr. Marino Sanchez)

Archival photos and film footage help tell the story of Markawasi from the beginning. Daniel Ruzo first visited Markawasi in 1952. Rare photos show Ruzo at his first campsite (left), at work on the plateau and also record his travels around the world. He found clues to link the megalithic structures with the hidden message of the “Masma Culture”, the lost race he feels is responsible for the carvings on Markawasi.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch examines the rocks and explains how nature and man may have collaborated to bring these amazing “scuptures” into existence. Dr. Schoch makes a surprising disovery that indicates the statues are thousands of years old.

“Markawasi as a whole, I believe, represents one of the quintessential high holy spots on Earth. There are many ways to describe it: in terms of a power point or power place, a center of power, an Earth vortex, a chakra point of the living Gaia, or a congruence of planetary leys or ley lines. No matter what words are used in an attempt to express the nature of Markawasi, they will never do it full justice. The ineffable aspect of the plateau must be experienced.” -Robert M. Schoch, PhD


In a rare moment of discovery, explorer Peter E. Schneider photographed this delicate image. He calls it The Egyptian Princess. It is one of the many clues that suggest contact between Peru and Egypt in the distant past.

“Markawasi defies all previously-known timelines and, if not one of the oldest, it is, without doubt, one of the most curious and extraordinary of all places on the planet. It cannot be easily defined by other historical sites.” -Peter E. Schneider


Could the builders of Markawasi have traveled to Egypt? Left: The African Queen bears a close resemblance to the profile of the Great Sphinx of Egypt (right) according to Dr. Schoch.

Left: The Face on Mars, photographed by NASA.


Right: A Face on Markawasi. Is there a connection?


Preview the book: Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest. Writen by Kathy Doore, Forward by Peter E. Schneider.

Whether an armchair explorer or a consummate adventurer, readers will be transported into a realm of exceptional possibilities as they journey through its pages.

This beautifully-illustrated, 176-page hardcover features over 400 color photographs, illustrations, and maps; a 70-page pictorial gallery is included.

Weaving the cultural, historical, and often paranormal lore that is associated with the mesa into a tapestry of dazzling images, illustrations, and walking maps, the book concludes with personal stories of transformation from individuals whose lives have been deeply touched by the mystery that is Markawasi.

The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru, a two-disc special offer.
Disc one: The program which runs over 59 minutes plus DVD-Rom e-book condensed version of Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest.
Disc two: Two hours of additional bonus material. One hour in English, includes more statues, interviews, maps and historical information, a rare archival video, and an interview with a world-famous psychic, revealing a possible extra-terrestrial connection with the enigmatic monuments. A second hour is all Spanish, with behind-the-scenes interviews and a rare videos for the Spanish speaking viewer.

Preview Strange Glitch on YouTube.
During the Broadcast Premiere on The Documentary Channel, a strange GLITCH went out over the air at the exact moment the narration says THE WRONG DATE for the passing away of Daniel Ruzo. The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru details the story of Ruzo, but when the wrong date is said, his face suddenly turns a mysterious purple color, as if he reached out from the grave to let us know something was wrong. The date has been changed from 1993 to 1991. We apologize for the mistake. He was a great man and deserves to have his story told correctly.




frank zappa incendie_casino

My story of the Montreux casino fire started way back in 1968 when a young enthusiastic RICHARD BRANSON (of Virgin fame) came into our makeshift dormitory in the sanitarium of STOWE Public School (we were waiting for our new house LYTTLETON to be completed) with a copy of FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION’S first album: FREAK OUT. He put it onto the record player and we all heard the amazing sounds of Zappa and his band for the very first time. I must say that Richard had a good ear for new bands and good music!
Many years later I jumped at the chance of seeing Frank Zappa playing a live show at the famous Montreux casino on the edge of the lake of Geneva in the French speaking part of Switzerland. There were a set of incredible coincidences that made that day so infamous and saved the lives of hundreds of people whom otherwise would have been burnt to death in the fierce flames. One of them was that the concert was held MID AFTERNOON and NOT at nighttime! Usually all concerts at the casino, before and since are held at night, maybe at 8pm or 9 pm but this one started at 2 pm (?) So when the fire started IT WAS STILL DAYLIGHT and the audience could see where they were going when they exited the building. It was a beautiful Swiss winter day, cold but no rain. Another amazing coincidence is that on the day of the concert THERE WERE NO CHAIRS INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM. All the chairs had been removed. I had been to the auditorium several times before, and usually there were chairs with numbered seating. Seeing as there were NO CHAIRS, when the fire started each and every person could head straight for the nearest exit without having to stumble over hundreds of chairs and thus causing valuable loss of time. In a fire, every second counts. As if that was not enough, another event happened that also saved precious lives: The drummer Ansley Dunbar’s drum set BROKE DOWN and Frank Zappa stopped the concert for several minutes whilst the drums where being fixed. Seeing as this happened well into the show, a good hour at least, many people at the back of the auditorium took this as a chance to HAVE A BREAK and EXITED THE BUILDING, so they were outside or just coming back in when the fire started. People pushing to get out pushed the people back who were trying to get in!!
I was sitting very close to the front, on a cushion on the floor, around the 4th or 5th row with my English girlfriend Cecily and a Swiss friend. Although there were no seats all the Swiss sat in nice rows starting in front of the stage. The fire started WITHIN THE AUDORORIUM. It was December 4th 1971 and the Swiss were preparing for Christmas. There were Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling and lots of colorful paper mache. The fire was started by a young man from Eastern Europe (who fled the very next day back home). I do NOT think that it was started by a flare gun as it says in the song, but by the boy throwing lighted matches in the air, and one of them got stuck on the very low ceiling. Remember that it was a very old building first built in 1881 and practically all made of timber and thus highly inflammable. So the fire started right above where the boy was sitting on the low lying ceiling beams. It spread very quickly…
I was heavily engrossed in the concert. Frank Zappa was playing again as the drum set had been fixed, and he had written a song about Switzerland, Swiss cheese and all that. Also, he had a large head of a bunny rabbit near the front of the stage (made of plastic or something similar) which in my mind kept on changing into a scary monster. I had taken a strong dose of an illicit drug and was totally engrossed by the show. A few seconds after the fire started my girlfriend said to me ´Peter, there’s a fire’ and I remember looking behind me and seeing a large ball of flame. Because I was very stoned it LOOKED BEAUTIFUL, perfectly circular and with flames and sparks flying in all directions. I could only see the beauty and not feel the danger! I actually thought that the fire was part of the show!! (Because Frank had such a crazy reputation, I and many other fans too, thought that anything could happen at one of his shows!). Frank Zappa continued playing for a few more seconds and then changed to the song ‘FIRE’ by Arthur Brown, which had been a big hit in the late 60’s. They just played a few bars from that song, and then dropped their instruments and quickly made their way off the stage down a small staircase without having to go into the audience. I seem to remember somebody at the microphone saying ‘Don’t panic’. In fact nobody did panic because nearly everybody was so stoned that fear didn’t kick in and the audience exited in a more or less orderly fashion (like sheep, one following the other)!
When the music stopped people got up in a daze and started to make their way out of the building. After the fire was over hundreds of coats were NOT collected from the cloakroom where you leave your winter coats (it gets very cold in Switzerland in December), and a few days later, when they were looking for name tags inside the coat pockets to see who the owners were, they found drugs in all the garments! Obviously the owners never went to collect them! By the way the security people managed to get all the coats out of the building before the fire consumed them.
The fire spread so quickly that all the people in the front were trapped. There was a large door on the right hand side as you face the stage but I do not know if it was open or cIosed. I stood up and my girlfriend said to me ‘We are going to die’ and at that moment something deep inside me clicked and I felt and saw the fear in her eyes, and I too became frightened. She ran off and left me standing there, so I stood behind the crowd who were trying to get out through the LARGE GLASS WINDOWS which covered the whole of the front of the building from one side to the other. I owe my life to a SWISS FIREMAN who came in with a huge axe and started to break the windows one by one, starting from the left towards the stage. People were trying to break them with their fists and their shoes but the glass was thick and would not break so easily. The glass smashed to the ground, and all the people in the front started to jump out. The building was on the second floor, or at least half a floor up, so it was quite a jump. Before the glass was broken it was getting difficult to breathe, the oxygen in the room was rapidly being consumed by the flames. Once the windows were broken the air came in and the flames jumped up and headed straight towards us. I WAS THE LAST PERSON OUT. Everybody else had already jumped, and I looked around one more time: The centre beam holding the roof up had already crashed to the floor and was engulfed in flames. The fire was consuming the whole of the ceiling first, before spreading to other parts of the building. As I jumped the flames came SHOOTING OUT OF THE WINDOW right above my head, and we all had to run like hell to get as far away as possible. People outside were taking photos of the building instead of helping us poor souls who had just escaped in the nick of time…
Later, from our hotel room on the side of the mountain, the whole city was lit up with a giant wall of fire. The casino burnt down, the concert hall, the discotheque, the offices, EVERYTHING. A national emergency was announced and police, firemen, medical staff, came from all over the area. Besides a few broken bones, and small injuries it was a MIRACLE that nobody had been burnt alive. We all knew the famous organizer CLAUDE NOBS as he always introduced the bands at Montreux. I heard later that he had helped saved many lives. God bless him! Deep Purple members were all in the audience and were shocked enough to write their world wide hit: SMOKE ON THE WATER and recorded the album MACHINE HEAD in a building close to where the fire started. The rest is history.
Many years later I met Eddie (the big guy of Flo & Eddie from The Turtles) after a concert in Florida. He was the co-lead singer the night of the fire. He told me that when the fire started, right in front of the band, that they all stopped playing and climbed down a small staircase in the stage area, and fled to safety. They lost ALL THEIR EQUIPMENT and very very upset, and shocked as was everybody else).

Peter E. Schneider, Lima, Peru, May 17, 2009
Ps: if you have anything to add to my story, or any comments, please write to me at:

(Please feel free to edit my article as you see fit, thank you)

“Me quedé en el Perú porque quería desorden en mi vida”

 Diario Peru 21  ( Sociedad | Mié. 03 mar ’10)
Autor: Gonzalo Pajares C.


Peter Schneider

Peter Schneider es un personaje. Durante los 27 años que vive en nuestro país ha sido DJ, chamán, cazafantasmas, productor musical y más. Amigo de los Black Sabbath, acaba de lanzar a la televisión Top Latino, uno de sus ‘productos’ más exitosos. Conozca algunas de sus aventuras.

“Al Perú llegué en el 83, era medianoche y no sabía español. Tomé un taxi y este se pasó varias luces rojas. Estaba con mi hermano y él me dijo: ‘Acá, esto es normal. Si uno para, viene un auto detrás y te choca’. Yo me dije: ‘Este país me gusta’” (risas). Peter Schneider, Pete The Beat –rockero, DJ, chamán, ufólogo, cazafantasmas, productor musical, empresario y más–, nos habla de su primer encuentro con nuestro país.

¿Por qué le gustó ese desorden?
Porque Suiza es lo opuesto, todo está controlado, y yo quería un poco de desorden en mi vida.

Usted venía de África…
Sí. Allí me dedicaba a la compra y venta de lana, actividad que también vine a hacer al Perú. En África estudié el vudú, visité varios pueblos de brujos –allí, uno me contó toda mi vida sin conocerme, una cosa increíble– y hasta fui embrujado. Los brujos africanos son los mejores del mundo. Por ello, me introduje en el mundo del chamanismo, tomé ayahuasca, comprobé que aquí se sabía mucho del tema, que existen grandes chamanes –yo conozco a los de la selva–, y decidí quedarme.

¿Por qué fue embrujado?
Por el éxito de mi empresa de lana. Les daba trabajo a unos 480 africanos, y los políticos de Lesotho tuvieron envidia. Quisieron quitarme la empresa y, como no pudieron hacerlo por la vía legal, me hicieron magia negra… pero tampoco les funcionó.

¿Es cierto que conoció a Bob Marley?
Él tocó en Inglaterra y, como era fanático del fútbol, le organizaron un partido al que yo asistí. Por entonces, estaba casado con una mulata africana de Lesotho, y esta era amiga de algunos músicos de la banda de Marley. Así lo conocí. Luego, en Jamaica, me contacté con sus hijos y los convencí de que vinieran a tocar al Perú.

¿Ha tocado con los Black Sabbath?
Sí, en Suiza. Eran principios de los 70 y la banda recién comenzaba. Fue a tocar durante tres meses a unos bares de Zúrich, donde yo vivía. Subí al escenario y toqué con ellos la batería un par de minutos… después, me botaron (risas). Lo acepto, no era lo suficientemente bueno. Sin embargo, nos hicimos amigos, salíamos juntos. Ellos provenían de barrios obreros de Inglaterra y solo querían mujeres, algunas cervezas y un poco de marihuana.

¿Usted compartía sus vicios?
No, porque yo era su chofer (ríe). En Suiza son muy estrictos y, si me encontraban con alguna cerveza encima o con marihuana, iba a ser sancionado.

Y, en el Perú, con la laxitud de sus normas, ¿sí probó estas sustancias?
No, porque es ilegal. Yo soy respetuoso de las leyes. Ayahuasca he probado tres veces, para ver si funcionaba… y sí funciona. Además, es parte de la tradición peruana, es legal y es una fantástica experiencia.

¿Es cierto que estuvo en el concierto que dio origen a Smoke on the Water, de Deep Purple?
Claro, fue en Montreaux, Ginebra, y ese día se presentaba Frank Zappa, un rockero fantástico. Los Deep Purple estaban entre el público. Hubo un incendio terrible y estuve a punto de morir. En una de las ceremonias de ayahuasca viajé en el tiempo y reviví, segundo por segundo, el incendio. Fui increíble y allí comprobé el poder del ayahuasca.

Radio Reggae, su programa de Doble 9, se escucha en más de 100 radios de todo el mundo…
Así es. Es increíble. Y todo empezó en África, que fue donde escuché por primera vez a Marley. Hoy me llega música de Brasil, de Nueva Zelanda, de África… de todo el mundo, y toda se transmite en mi programa. Yo lo grabo acá, en mi estudio limeño, y luego lo distribuimos gratis a 103 radios FM de más de diez países.

¿Gratis? ¿Cómo así?
Es que también produzco, con mi socio, Top Latino, un programa que se escucha, por radio e Internet, en toda América Latina y que hace un ranking de lo más escuchado en nuestros países. Lo maravilloso de este continente es que habla el mismo idioma, lo que significa una gran oportunidad de comunicación y de negocios. Acabamos de estrenar su versión televisiva en Panamericana. El ranking se publica todos los meses en revistas como Rolling Stone. Gracias a este soporte, podemos ofrecer a nuestros clientes de Top Latino –que sí es pagado– el espacio Radio Reggae.

Amazon Rainforest Lodge

EL AMAZON RAINFOREST LODGE, es un albergue turístico que  mantiene una arquitectura rustica con diseños típicos de los poblados ribereños de la amazonía peruana.

Cuenta con  22 comodos bungalows con baño privado, televisor con señal satelital e interconectados por anexos con la administración, para  solicitar cualquier servicio al bungalow.

El comedor es el ambiente mas amplio donde se sirve deliciosa comida típica y un surtido bar donde se preparan cocteles regionales, nacionales e internacionales.

Hay una sala de juegos, internet (WI-FI), juegos recreativos para niños, dos piscinas una grande para adultos y otra para niños pequeños, un jacuzzi y una balsa flotante en el río. Tambien cuenta con dos miradores con una gran vista panorámica. En todas las instalaciones del albergue se puede disfrutar de comodas hamacas para un fresco y reparador descanso.

La mejor manera de disfrutar de la esplendorosa belleza natural que nos ofrece la selva, es incursionar en ella. Para esto, el Amazon Rainforest Lodge, tiene guías experimentados que garantizan entretenimiento y seguridad para cada visitante.

Para el transporte, contamos con nuestro propio deslizador y canoas. En la ciudad de Iquitos, los transportamos en nuestro bus y una camioneta moderna 4 X 4 con aire acondicionado.

Quedamos a la espera de tu pronta visita.


Radio Reggae with Pete The Beat

Web oficial de Radio Reggae, programa de radio que busca difundir la música reggae en todas sus expresiones. Radio Reggae es conducido de manera fresca y dinámica por Pete The Beat todas las semanas.