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ABOUT Peter Schneider

Founder and President of PERU MYSTIC TOURS S.A. Specializes in sending visitors to the Mysterious Stone Figures of Marcahuasi, as well as to shaman ceremonies, UFO sites, the Nazca Lines, Macchu Picchu, the Lord of Sipan. the Stone Carvings of Dr. Cabrera in Ica, and other imteresting and fascinating places un Peru. Currently investigating secret […]

MARKAWASI : Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest Forward by Peter E. Schneider

Soon after arriving in Peru 23 years ago, I heard about a strange, mystical place in the Andes Mountains, where there were hundreds of stone statues. It was said that Markawasi was ancient, beyond living memory, existing before the Incas, and the pre-Incas. It was related that there were heads and faces of human beings […]


“High atop a remote plateau in Central Peru, hundreds of illusive shapes can be seen in the living rock. Are they merely natural erosion, or were they carved, as some think, by the hand of man? And if so, whose hand, and for what reason?” So begins this fascinating video of what is one of […]