ABOUT Peter Schneider

Founder and President of PERU MYSTIC TOURS S.A.

Specializes in sending visitors to the Mysterious Stone Figures of Marcahuasi, as well as to shaman ceremonies, UFO sites, the Nazca Lines, Macchu Picchu, the Lord of Sipan. the Stone Carvings of Dr. Cabrera in Ica, and other imteresting and fascinating places un Peru. Currently investigating secret tunnels anda caverns of the Incas.

Television Talk Show Host

Have appeared on all eight TV stations in the city of Lima – talking and discussing UFO’s, ET’s, Time Travel, Astral Travelling, Psychometry, Reincarnation, Life after Death, Ghosts, Dreams, Psychic Operations, Weeping Virgins (statues), shamanism, witchdoctors, Psychics and other interesting topics. Recently I appeared on the Los Angeles TV program “Cara a Cara” on the Telemundo Network for a one hour interview.

Advisor to TV Stations

The talk show producers for all the TV stations in Lima are in regular contact with me to send them interesting and adventurous people to their shows. I once organized a major 2 hours show on Channel 9 “Fuego Cruzado” on Saturday night Prime Time abouth UFO’s – including photos, videos, contactees etc. On another stations I arranged ‘the first interview ever with an extraterrestrial’ on Channel 5 on the most important news and current affairs program in the country. The interview, of about 8 minutes, was broadcast by satellite around the whole of South America.

Organizer of Two Major Congresses in South America

The first International Panamerican Mystical Congress in Lima, Peru, in September 1989 and the Second Iternational Panamerican Mystical Congress in Buenos Aires in Argentina in May 1990. Both congreses featured renowned UFO expert from the USA: Dr. James Harder from San Francisco, CA, was the  Keynote Speaker. Both  congresses were most successful – and for the first time UFO ´figures from inca times´were shown on slides by Dr. Alicia Holmer (clay figures of space craft type objects made 100’s of years ago).

Host of TV and Radio Shows

Hosted for 5 years, the radio show “The Astral Voyage” on Telelestereo 88 FM in Lima a New age Music program, and during 1990 hosted “Dreams of Peace” a New Age TV Program on Channel 11.

Silva Mind Control Instructor

From 1972 onwards trained in the Silva Method, organizing courses in Switzerland, England, South America and Peru. Became and International Instructor, completing training in Laredo, Texas and taught the very first courses in Cape Town to multi-racial audiences. Later went on to learn Spanish and teach the course in that language.

Investigator of  Psychic Phenomena

Independent Investigator into Metaphyscal  Phenomena. Have formed the “Peruvian Ghostbusters” who regularly visit persons who are being hounded by spirits or having trouble  with their deceased husbands. Have solved several important cases, including murder cases using psychics.

Practicing Falth Healer

For many years have been working with seriously ill persons, including cancer patients, using powerful healing techniques. Investigated and nearly found, a herbal cure for cancer

Lived in Africa for 5 Years

Was manager of a top African Afro- Rock Band Sankomta who went on to record two albums and do two major tours of Europe. During many years one of the most popular bands of Southern Africa.

Radio Kest 1450 AM San Francisco

During one week between Christmas and New Year’s 1990, I took over “The Judith Conrad Show”- a psychic talk show where for one hour every day I did psychometry over the air – telling listeners who called inwho their spirit guides are and giving them a message from their guides. In just one week the show became very popular.

During the  same visit to California, spent one week in Beverly Hills visiting stars and telling them the future  of their babies (using psychometry). Have standing invitation.

Translating Books into Spanish

Have investigated and helped translate two major books, both by  Americans: Helen Hadsell´s ”The name it and Claim it Game” and Virginia Essene´s “New Teachings for an Awakened Huamanity”.

TV Station Manager

For two years co-managed Channel 27 in Lima – and helped put various UFO experts on the air. We once had “A whole week of talk show programs” on UFO’s – inviting every expert in the country – during the early hours we had young people  talking about phenomena – and in the evening the adults. My programs had the largest rankings ever for that station.

8 Responses to “ABOUT Peter Schneider”

  1. Matt Miles says:


    Several RAF alumni gathered for dinner the other night and unsurprisingly we wondered how you were. I would love to hear from you if you get the chance.

    Playing jazz, classical and everything else these days!

    Best regards,

    Matt Miles

  2. Hello Matt!!

    How good to hear from you after all this time, also that you found my web page! I have another one: http://www.radioreggae.net

    I am doing really well at the moment, had a great birthday party of February 19th at my home in Lima, my whole family came over from Chile. My jungle lodge is pretty busy: http://www.amazon-lodge.com in case you want to come over and visit (near the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian jungle).

    My partner Daniel Bartra and I have a very successful TV show called TOP LATINO which is carried on FM and AM stations, also PANAMERICA TV on Sunday afernoons (Channel 5 in Peru). http://www.toplatino.net

    Currently I am writing stories about my life! Like the casino fire in Montreaux where Deep Purple wrote the song ‘Smoke on the Water’ and the history of my African band UHURU who became famous! It was a long time ago, but I still have fond memories.

    Tell me about yourself, how are things? Are you still playing music? Did you ever get married again?

    Best regards Peter ‘Pete the Beat’ Schneider, Lima, Peru, March 14th 2010

  3. ines-maria says:

    I would like to know if there are any Silva Mind Control courses in Lima now
    thank you

  4. Sam Kory says:

    WOW, Peter,in the years since I have seen you,
    you have been busy with your unique Spirit acomplishing and influencing many aspects of life greatly, positively, and beautufully. I am so happy to see it. I remember our times together most fondly. Thanks for the wonderful surprise of your Markawasi CD production ,,, stunning and powerful ,,, like Peru ,,, everyone should have the privilege to attend your mystical tours and visit your Amazon Lodge. Will catch up with you one of these days again. Until then be well my friend ! Cheers ! Sam

  5. David says:

    Dear Mr Schneider
    I just watched your special on the faces on the plateu in Peru. I am just a normal guy from Auystralia who is facinated by strange and interesting facts about the world we live in and the artifacts left by those who came before us.
    I ask you to please make contact as I would like to get your oppinion on a startiling new descovery I have come across that may shed some new light on pre recorded history. It starts in peru and I call it the world enigma… Literaly the bigest enigma on the face of the planet. Contact me to hear more.
    Till then
    keep well and keep seareching

  6. Peter,

    Just in case you have some hours I will be in Lima on April 23 and May 2.

    You may remember that I was a good friend of your parents in Old Marsh and was at the memorial to them in Zurich.

    Bob Gollance

  7. Gene Miller says:


    My wife and I are planning a trip to Peru and Ecuador in June for approximately 3 weeks. My cousin, Jimmy Ingram whom you met in Africa, gave us your name and told us that you arrange tours. We are wanting to visit Machu Picchu and the Galapagos for sure and were wondering if you could give us some advice or do you arrange for tours of this kind? We also understand that you have a jungle lodge that may fit into our schedule. We would love to hear from you in hopes that we could perhaps use your expertise to assist us in planning our trip. Many thanks, Gene & Linda Miller

  8. Patricia Hodgson says:

    Hello Peter,
    I was married to James Dorothy (Setlogelo )
    Do you remember him ….
    Also was a friend of Black Jesus …would love to hear what you are up to and do you ever visit Maseru…years since I was there…happy day

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